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A beautifully unique yet quite interesting retelling of Rapunzel that holds itself against all other variations. Although the book does a wonderful job in retelling the much older version of the story that I had read before there was a bit of a newer element in which the protagonist was only a pre-teen when she was locked up in her tower instead of being raised in the tower since the day after her arrival in the world. What also intrigued me the most was the introduction bit in the book that was beautifully illustrated with Rapunzel leaves while giving more information about the actual plant and its usefulness to humans. Although I had known that it was an edible plant and one that was wanted by her mother I didnt know how well it is said to be able to grow. And although there are darker moments in the story and a hinting of indecency to those who have an eye for it the author at the same time makes sure that her story has a much happier ending that leans towards the strength and survival of a single woman, especially those with responsibilities. Instead of just laying down and taking what she is given Rapunzel proves herself over and over again to be a strength in her own right. With some gorgeous illustrations that capture this fairytale world in all its bright glory and darkened shadows chased by the cheerful fire readers will find themselves transported away. Whether it is the minute details that capture ones eyes or the rich additions to each illustration there is sure to be something fun capture the readers attention. All in all a great fairytale variation and one that will truly be enjoyed by audiences of all ages or by whomevers fancy is caught by the cover of this book.

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