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Another of my wifes books, read while in India.I really cant tell why most people are raving about this (note: spoilers present). The central concept is interesting but James doesnt go anywhere with it. Were stuck throughout with an annoying, rather generic couple who make a poor choice and then seem continually perplexed at the unusual consequences of their actions. I appreciate that they were (naively?) expecting something else but its patently obvious to us as the reader that the mysterious doctor has a hidden agenda. He practically screams 70s-era Bond villain, private ship and secret island hideout included.From the beginning they should realise something is not quite right, yet they never fully seem to. Even at the very end do they seem to forget everything and wonder if maybe itll work out this time. Every time the twins do something unusual the parents act as though they cannot possibly understand what could be happening or why. They wanted the kid to be smarter yet act fearful and freaked out when they are. Despite the Dad thinking on a number of occasions that perhaps they should be treating the twins not as toddlers, but as older children/young adults (and indeed, being told the same by the psychologist) they immediately do the opposite. There is also some rather suspect parental behaviour and odd decisions throughout. Emotionally theyre all over the place and rather immature, completely unprepared for what they were attempting (as an aside, Im not sure what happened to the genetic counselling they should have received after the death of the first child but it should have explored many of their issues).The sub-plot involving a religious assassin is initially interesting and though we dont get much characterisation, hes cold and relentless and a distraction. Until he gets to our family, when for no apparent reason he loses his cool completely, forgets how to shoot and stumbles all over the place before effectively getting killed. It seems like a completely different character.I liked the Sussex and Brighton locations (places Ive lived for years) and its interesting seeing the Royal Sussex County Hospital show up (somewhere Ive worked). Thats not enough to make a good book though. Plus, as a doctor, some of the medical info in this is highly suspect. The c-section scene without anaesthesia was laughable.And finally we come to the ending. Which is pretty much all it is. The book ends. Though some form of masterplan is revealed, its really only the blueprint of that plan. Super-smart people will cure the world. How precisely? Well, were not let onto that information, were just lead to believe they will. It was unsatisfying, making the whole book seem redundant. James says that he struggled with this book for many years despite lots of research and I think it clearly shows. The concept would probably have been better handled and expanded by a sci-fi author. Were not given much to think about in terms of nature/nurture, the ethics of genetically altering your children or the social difficulties, other than its probably not a good idea. Thats a shame.The writing itself is fine but thats about it and I couldnt recommend this unless youre a big Peter James fan. Edit: something that I just remembered - the mother sits down to read the Daily Mail. I cannot possibly see how someone who would genetically engineer their own child would choose to read the Daily Mail. Seriously, a suspension of belief too far.

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